Vulcan Cyber risk management platform

Vulcan Cyber LTD

Vulcan Cyber risk management platform

Vulcan Cyber LTD

Vulcan Cyber vulnerability and risk lifecycle management for apps, cloud and infrastructure assets.

Vulcan Cyber gives you the tools to effectively manage the vulnerability and risk lifecycle for all your cyber assets, including application, cloud, and infrastructure. It integrates with the tools you already have, including many of your Microsoft solutions (Defender Vulnerability Management, Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Cloud, Teams, InTune, SCCM, etc.) and delivers a single platform to analyze and prioritize all your vulnerability and risk data and efficiently orchestrate remediation. And the platform allows you to automate communication and collaboration between the various teams responsible for mitigation within your organization.

With Vulcan Cyber you can:

  • Manage the cyber risk lifecycle for application, cloud and infrastructure in one place
  • Intelligently analyze and prioritize vulnerabilities based on your organization’s risk
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration between all departments
  • Orchestrate and accelerate risk mitigation with automated playbooks
  • Get expert remediation insight for all CVEs with fixes and workarounds
  • Access deep analytics based on your organizational processes and requirements
  • Understand risk management activities with customizable dashboards and reports

Vulcan Cyber delivers:

Improved Cyber Risk Awareness: Centralize, analyze and correlate vulnerability and risk data from dozens of sources for deeper visibility and understanding of actual risk that is relevant to them and how it might impact them.

Automated Vulnerability and Risk Prioritization: Automatically and intelligently prioritize which vulnerabilities each individual organization should address first to minimize risk and strengthen their security posture.

Rapid Vulnerability and Risk Mitigation: Automatically deliver the right fix or workaround solution with expert-defined context to fit any vulnerability for rapid remediation, with optional fully automated deployment.

Better Collaboration Between Departments: Automatically communicate vulnerability and risk data and associated fix details to the right department for resolution in the way that they prefer, and track what is done when.

Comprehensive tracking and reporting: Gather deep analytics for compliance, internal auditing, board reporting, and resource planning for extensive understanding of how your vulnerability and risk management efforts are working.