Wipro Azure Automation Platform (AzAP)

Wipro Ltd

Wipro Azure Automation Platform (AzAP)

Wipro Ltd

Wipro AzAP is a web-based automation platform for infrastructure and configuration deployment.

Problem Statement and objective:

The requirements of Azure Automation Platform (referred as AzAP), sourced from multiple connects with various esteemed customers of Wipro, across the sectors and internal Architect Hubs of Wipro. The objectives of the platform, from the very beginning, was to identify various real-time challenges of cloud infrastructure and configuration deployment and resolve the same with an automation platform.

About this offer:

AzAP is a web-based automation platform for infrastructure and configuration deployment. User can leverage various features such as – template driven infrastructure and configuration creation, life cycle management of infrastructure, etc. to automate the infrastructure and configuration deployment. AzAP comes with a backend framework that leverages marketing leading IAC (Infrastructure as code) technologies like Terraform and Ansible. It also includes vast list of Terraform Modules and Ansible Playbooks to help end user with no or bare minimum understanding of IAC technologies. The host infra setup includes application hosting infra provisioning, setup, configuration and management.

AzAP can be leveraged to setup end to end automation of Application Hosting environment. Users can utilize AzAP broadly in two ways:

  1. Readymade deployment package for Infrastructure or Configuration deployment.
  2. Deployment automation to cloud providers (Azure) through the AzAP pre-configured DevOps pipelines.

Key features:

  • Blueprint based infrastructure deployment - it helps to deploy the Azure infrastructure with Terraform based readymade blueprints.
  • Playbook based configuration deployment - it helps to configure the software and server features setup using Ansible based playbooks.
  • Deployment life cycle management - provides easy to use UI to manage various stages of Deployment life cycle.
  • Deployment Automation - supports fully automated deployment. Powered by deployable NuGet packages and readymade Azure DevOps pipelines.
  • Other features such as easy creation and management of Terraform based Azure resources, Ansible based playbooks, Auditing, Logging and Reporting


  • It can help to reduce 80% of time on deployment, configuration & management.
  • It can manage the services using a simple GUI.
  • Teams within an organization can easily collaborate on the infrastructure using the terraform registry.
  • Easy to generate repeatable infrastructure for various environments with ready-made Blueprints.
  • Easy to configure software using Ansible playbooks.
  • Provides secure authentication using Secure Shell (SSH).
  • It uses human readable YAML files for configuration management, so no additional coding skills are required.

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