MayaNAS Cloud File Storage

ZettaLane Systems

MayaNAS Cloud File Storage

ZettaLane Systems

Reduce storage cost by deploying NAS on object storage with support for NFS, SMB ,iSCSI, NVMe / TCP

MayaNAS Cloud is a full featured enterprise-grade software defined storage solution that provides high-performance unified file and block services as industry standard storage protocols: NFS, SMB-AD, iSCSI and NVMe over TCP.

Why choose MayaNAS?

  • Extreme Cost benefits as the primary storage can be from object storage.

  • Ease of use with total flexibility as storage pool can be configured using object storage, standard to premium SSD disks from Azure.

  • Total freedom with no vendor lock-in as the object storage can be Azure Blobs , or other object storage from supported cloud providers.

  • Unlimited storage capacity with no additional licensing cost

Comprehensive enterprise-class features

  • Easy to setup Active-Active HA
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Deduplication
  • Compression
  • Unlimited snapshots
  • Cross-region replication using incremental snapshots or block-level replication

Storage for all workload needs

You are in full control of storage performance tiers because of flexible storage pool configuration from cloud native resources available in various performance tiers.

  • Standard LVM Pool with Thin snapshots and XFS file system

  • OpenZFS storage pool with COW ZFS and unlimited snapshots