Microsoft Azure SaaS Platform: 6-Month Implementation

ABCloudZ, Inc.

Transform your business processes with our Azure SaaS Platform Implementation services powered by cutting-edge AI capabilities.

We will use Azure DevOps, Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Lake, Power BI, and more for flexibility, efficiency, and cloud management. Plus, we'll integrate AI services like Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Machine Learning to optimize Azure SQL Databases. Elevate your workflows and harness advanced AI with Azure SaaS platform implementation.

What do our Azure SaaS platform implementation services include?

– SaaS Application Development
To write the most efficient application code that grants you app productivity and stability, we apply Azure Functions and Azure Code Repository. You receive a tailored solution that meets and even exceeds your functionality requirements.

– Azure SaaS API Development
To establish quality server-side connections within your SaaS platform, we use Azure API Management, Azure Rest API integrations, and our custom best practices.

– Pipeline Development
We use Azure DevOps Services and Azure Data Factory to build secure, flexible, and reliable CI/CD pipelines for your system. Our DevOps practices guarantee a robust integration.

– Continuous Deployment
Our well-designed CI/CD pipelines ensure continuous SaaS development and deployment, minimizing downtime. This includes automated slot switching to deploy pre-production changes to the production environment seamlessly.

– Database Configuration
Depending on your needs, we choose the most fitting Azure database service. For example, we fully configure Azure SQL Database to make sure that you leverage its cost-efficiency, reliability, connectivity, and scalability.

– Network Configuration
To ensure dynamic, programmatically efficient network configuration, we rely on the best software-defined networking (SDN) practices. This brings the stability, performance, and monitoring of your cloud-based SaaS solutions.

– Azure Jobs Development
To build various jobs supporting and expanding the functionality of your SaaS application, we rely on various services from Azure App Service. For example, we rely on our best practices to run background SaaS tasks with WebJobs.

– Azure Dynamics 365 Integration
We help you leverage many services of Azure Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s feature-packed SaaS ERP solution. It helps customers make smarter decisions and boost their business efficiency at scale.

– Analytics Integration and Configuration
If you demand in-depth analytics and reporting, we are ready to support your Azure SaaS app with powerful analytical integrations. For example, we use Azure Synapse Analytics or Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 to aid customers with large data loads or Power BI for quality data visualization.

Our Microsoft Competencies

– App Development
ABCloudz specializes in web app development, integrating Microsoft's tools and services for dynamic, responsive apps. Our expertise includes PowerBI, SharePoint, PowerApps, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Static Web Apps, and Azure App Service. We also incorporate Azure's AI services, like Azure OpenAI Service, Azure Cognitive Service, and Azure Machine Learning, to enhance our apps with capabilities like image recognition and natural language processing.

– Data Platform Engineering
We create tailored data infrastructures to set the fundament of your app or help you store your data in secure storages and data warehouses, such as Azure SQL Data Warehouse, etc.

– Platform and Application Modernization
Our experienced database migration and modernization team will help you modernize your legacy SQL Server to the newest version of Azure SQL Database or find a modernization solution corresponding to your specific needs.

– Managed Services
Our team provides a wide array of managed services to support and tune up your Azure data architecture, including database-managed services, infrastructure-managed services, operational data management, etc.

– Database Monitoring
We implement database monitoring to keep your database secure and running smoothly. Our team configures Azure Monitor and third-party services to make sure that your Azure data infrastructure is monitored 24/7.

– Database Migration
Leveraging the robust capabilities of Azure, including Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Cosmos DB, and Azure Database for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB, we ensure secure and efficient transitions from existing DB to cloud. By harnessing these Azure services, we not only guarantee data security but also capitalize on the numerous advantages that Azure cloud offerings bring to the table. Whether it's modernizing legacy systems or migrating data to cloud-native environments, our DB Migration Competency is your assurance of a smooth and successful transition.

The price of this offering is estimated. The final price will be personalized based on the scope of work.