DevOps Services:1-Month Implementation

Alerant Informatikai Zrt.

One month assessment, planning and implementation of Azure Devops Services by leading partner, trainer, and expert of Devops technologies.

Azure DevOps Services from Alerant helps you leverage the full potential of the move to a Cloud Operating Model, with practices and principles to maximize utilization and agility and minimize costs of your Cloud environment.


Assesment &Planning: The assessment and planning service of Microsoft Azure DevOps toolset with the associated best practices with Alerant's 2 decades of enterprise IT experience create significant value for our customers.

Deliverables of this phase include

  • assessments about the actual organization, processes and technologies
  • planning and design documents of the desired state
  • roadmap
  • skill gap assessment of your current staff

Automation implementation: Azure Devops toolset implementation service: Automation and standardisation means control, which is a high priority topic in todays rapidly changing business environment.

Deliverables of this phase include

  • change management workshops to help the organizational change
  • reference process implementations on the Azure Devops pipeline
  • Azure Devops toolset implementation

Business value Repeatable automatisms are an important element in reducing time-to-market. New cloud-native platforms and development solutions like Azure Devops can greatly support these automations. The combination of the two brings significant business benefits.

Deliverables of this phase include

  • measurable KPIs and reports about Devops processes
  • trainings about Azure Devops processes and technologies
  • cost and license review