Cloud-Native Consulting: 2-wk Implementation

Alerant Informatikai Zrt.

We build cloud-native solutions on Azure

We are the leading IT service provider in Hungary. The main aim of our work is to ensure that our team of professionals understand the business goals of our large enterprise clients and introduce them to the technologies they need to reach the next level in their development. We develop cloud-native software solutions and automate their lifecycles. Our team’s strength lies in our eagerness to learn new tools and technologies. We are most experienced in lightweight Java frameworks, container technologies, microservice architectures, CI/CD solutions, distributed integration platforms, API Gateway solutions, and software safety and public cloud solutions on Azure.

Cloud Platform:Cloud-based technology offers several advantages over traditional application installation models, including the more effective use of IT and development resources, easier and cheaper maintenance, and continuous service provision through different channels. We have a comprehensive knowledge of cloud technology on Azure, which makes the installation and operation of network-based applications in a distributed and flexible ICT environment possible.

DevOps:During our work we explore IT processes and break them down into steps. We understand the connections between steps and expected operation and can thus design automated solutions on Azure, that speed up but at the same time do not restrict the work of process implementers. We consider the viewpoints and priorities of developers, testers and operators so that cooperation can be even more effective.

Cloud-Native Development on Azure: During application development it is essential that we recognize, properly analyze, and optimally use available technologies. This is especially challenging in the case of cloud-native developments where the selection of available technologies has increased exponentially and is constantly changing. Our task is to stay up to date so that we can provide the most effective solutions to our clients.