IoT Realtime Monitoring of Environment - 2 Day Assessment

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Let us join hands to make the business cost-effective & easier and planet greener for all.

The end-to-end IoT monitoring solution is a managed service built in the Azure environment. It help organisations to improve the air quality, energy resource management and staff wellbeing within the indoor facilities.

Our objective is to ensure that we all are working to save our planet and controlling greenhouse gases and subsequently, you will have healthier spaces to work and to learn in by creating optimal conditions to improve productivity, and reduce fatigue.

This is ideal for monitoring the conditions in office workplaces or in universities or in hospitals or anywhere we have human traffic for long time, and power resource allocations to attend them.

This end-to-end IoT monitoring solution consists of:

  • IoT devices to capture monitor temperature, humidity, light, and noise levels, as well as detect spikes in pollution, smoke, or elevated levels of carbon monoxide quickly.
  • IoT connectivity to transfer device data at specific intervals to the ACS IoT Green dashboard.
  • ACS IoT Green dashboard built in Microsoft Azure environment to provide data storage, visualisation, alerting and exporting.
  • ACS IoT Green dashboard includes indicators e.g. air quality, temperature, humidity, power inflows, room occupancy ratio and noise levels.

Let’s align our business with net zero emissions by 2050:


Built in the Azure environment, ACS IoT Green is a cloud-based platform that folds collected device data into one central dashboard. This provides easy and real-time access to the data need for informed decision-making, from anywhere.

Key Organizational Benefits:


  • Automate data collection
  • Visualise data outputs in real-time
  • Set mobile and email alerts for key people
  • Generate in-depth reporting for stakeholders
  • Extensible Microsoft Azure platform that can be adapted for business needs

For initial assessment and briefing on the concept we planned:

Day 1: Gartner Insight and industry trends including:

  • What are greenhouse gases?
  • How it is related to your business model?
  • How to integrate the systems?
  • What are the best practices within industries?

Day 2:  To continue the session for your business model including:

  • How do you measure greenhouse gas emission within organization?
  • How much you are spending on power resources?
  • What is your environmental policy?
  • Cost analysis based on Azure IoT and ML resources
  • Data Management, security & compliance
  • Initial cost-effective road-map for you to start

Let’s talk for free:

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Why Anya Consultancy Services?

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ACS is not only a Gold Member with Microsoft but also partner with Oracle, Sitecore and other services providers.

Let us join hands to make the business cost-effective & easier and planet greener for all.