Azure Knowledge Mining - 5 Week Implementation


Amplify your organization’s intelligence with an Azure Knowledge Mining Solution

With the advent of the information age, enterprises are finding they are drowning in data with no easy way to make sense of it all.

Knowledge Mining aims to tackle the problem by bringing intelligence and context to your unstructured data. Using Arinco’s expertise in Azure Search and Azure Cognitive Services, the Azure Knowledge Mining Accelerator provides a solution for extracting unstructured content from documents (such as Word, PDF, and JPEG), enriching it through skills (such as key phrases), and indexing it for search and then integrating this into the development and operations (devops) toolchain.

This offering is applicable for organisations across industries (such as healthcare, legal, and manufacturing) who have a broad mix of digitised and electronic documents and files and are wanting to enrich it with more contextual knowledge so they can begin to make it searchable from their line-of-business applications.

Arinco will work with your organisation to deliver the following outcomes:

  • Accelerate adoption of Azure Cognitive Search by deploying a Knowledge Mining accelerator
  • Evaluate Azure Cognitive Search for enrichment of the line-of-business content
  • Integrate Azure Cognitive Search into a line-of-business process
  • Learn best practices for search deployment, management and monitoring
  • Plan for the further deployment of Azure Cognitive Search for other line-of-business processes

The technologies involved in this offering include:

  • Azure App Services
  • Azure Application Insights
  • Azure Cognitive Services
  • Azure Search
  • Azure Storage