Avanade Multi-Cloud Security

Avanade, Inc.

With Avanade's Multi-Cloud Security offering, you can confidently embrace the cloud while maintaining a strong security posture.

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, transitioning to the cloud or scaling your existing cloud infrastructure can expose your organization to a wide range of threats.

Staying ahead of these risks becomes a daunting task as your environment evolves, and new regulations emerge. At Avanade, we understand these challenges, and our Multi-Cloud Security offering is designed to provide you with the confidence and peace of mind you need.

Avanade's Multi-Cloud Security offering is composed out of the following modules:

Cloud Security Control Framework - Our advanced Security Control Framework acts as impenetrable guardrails for your cloud infrastructure. It ensures that your data remains secure and compliant by enforcing industry-leading security standards at every level.

Patterns and Practices - Our solution comes equipped with curated Patterns and Practices, offering you expert guidance on securing your multi-cloud environment. These proven methodologies streamline the implementation process and empower you to make informed decisions that enhance your overall security posture.

Defender for Cloud - To fortify your cloud defenses, we integrate Microsoft Defender for Cloud with Azure Arc and Microsoft Sentinel into our offering. This powerful toolset provides comprehensive threat detection and prevention capabilities, safeguarding your workloads and infrastructure from potential attacks. We enable you through Avanade's IP to continuously assess the security posture of your multi-cloud resources. It offers real-time insights into any vulnerabilities or misconfigurations, allowing you to proactively address and resolve them promptly.

Permissions Management - To further enhance your security measures, our offering includes advanced Permissions Management features with Microsoft Entra. It allows you to precisely control and manage access permissions, granting or revoking privileges based on user roles and responsibilities.

*Pricing will vary based on the scope of the engagement.