Azure Kubernetes Service 'AKS' 3-Week Assessment


Successfully create a roadmap for a power-packed cloud native application deployment with AVASOFT.

Operating costs in administration, resistance to change, and the absence of automation hinder application development. This is where containers intervene to assist in transferring software and their components between diverse landscapes, while Kubernetes successfully coordinates containerization.

But there's still one more component to the puzzle that's commonly unaccounted - Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). 

It is the most effective solution to automate and optimize Kubernetes, allowing you to grow your application development with certainty and flexibility.

Let AVASOFT step in to make the assessment of AKS precise for your enterprise. 

We have assisted numerous clients in moving massive production installations in a simplified and cost-effective way utilizing Microsoft's Azure Kubernetes Service. Our highly skilled cloud-native professionals will assess your present mechanisms and workload. They will establish a judicious framework for resolving hurdles and effectively implementing a production-grade cloud native application in your business.


  • Evaluation of Infrastructure - Anatomy of a network, Element segregation, Strategies for harmonizing loads
  • Analysis of Apps & Landscape - Kubernetes workflows, Lifecycle maintenance
  • Assessment of security and oversight - Policies implemented to the cluster
  • Performance and alerts


  • Report summary, including results, interpretation, and suggestions
  • Document outlining the present and foreseeable phases of infrastructure
  • Lifecycle maintenance strategies
  • Document outlining potential vulnerabilities and promising fixes

Value Proposition

  • Fulfill client needs with higher reliability, efficiency, and scalability
  • Faster time-to-market as a result of rapid app deployment and mobility
  • Stringent protection around containers reduces danger
  • Potential savings from efficient computation asset use

Assessment of Key Criteria:

  • Determine - Analyze your present business problems and the current situation of application(s), including present and foreseeable conditions and their requirements.
  • Evaluate - The scale and outcomes necessary for developing a project timetable, as well as the assets necessitated to accomplish the evaluation.
  • Classify - Determine which applications must be updated. Coordinate with internal stakeholders to gather data on the specified application, assess the existing condition, and describe the intended state.
  • Construct a Framework - Provide a strategy for application modernization that includes explicit goals, software base needs, and expected timescales. Implement the migration roadmap and demonstrate how AKS may be enhanced for price and vulnerability protection.

As a leading company in merging enterprises with reimagined, modern solutions, we will go through the tailored service package in stages, building on cloud native application demands and optimizing the orchestrating skills of Kubernetes in operation. 

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