Azure Resiliency Assessment : 2Wk

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Critical businesses are rapidly evolving and require more flexible approaches to maintain high availability and recover from disruptions through a combination of automated processes and manual interventions.

Why Azure Resiliency Assessment?

Customers who have their workloads running in a single availability zone are vulnerable to single zone failures impacted by an unexpected disruption. Distributing your workloads on multiple availability zones and enabling other resiliency and availability features for different Azure services might incur a risk of downtime, misconfiguration and changes on the architecture for the production and non production environments.

BESPIN's 1~2 weeks assessment helps you quickly understand the resiliency status of your current Azure environment, the recommendations to improve the resiliency, the risk and complexity associated with the migration and the required actions to migrate from single to multiple availability zones.


Assessment Methodology and Approach:

  • Discovery:

We will gather information about your current Azure cloud environment, including your disaster recovery and failover strategies.

  • Analysis:

We will evaluate your current resiliency capabilities, including availability, disaster recovery, and failover then we will identify any gaps or areas for improvement and create risk score cards for each Azure service showing the cost and SLA impact after the migration.

  • Short/Long Term Recommendations:

We will provide you with prioritized recommendations based on the technology limitations, business requirements, risk and complexity

  • Planning:

We will provide you with a detailed implementation plan outlining the steps that will be taken to implement the recommendations, including timelines, resource requirements, key milestones and cost to move to multiple availability zones.


With BESPIN's Resiliency Assessment You Will Get:

Resiliency Assessment Report: contains the list of services included in the assessment showing which services are eligible for availability zones and which are not, risk score card showing the service criticality, complexity and downtime requirements for migrating each service, cost, recommendations to enhance the resiliency for services not eligible for availability zones, detailed plan on how we can help you migrate Azure services from single to multiple availability zones.


Business Outcomes:

The target of this engagement is to eventually achieve the desired resiliency that ensures the planned business continuity, if you decided to continue with the migration post the assessment you will get the following:

  • Increased availability and minimize downtime: applications remain available and accessible even in the event of unexpected failures or disruptions. 
  • Improved disaster recovery: restore critical systems and data in the event of an outage
  • Cost savings: reduce the cost and impact of downtime. This can include reducing the need for manual failover procedures, automating disaster recovery processes, and reducing the need for additional resources to maintain availability during disruptions.
  • Better compliance and regulatory compliance: meet compliance and regulatory requirements, such as data sovereignty and data protection laws.
  • Better customer experience: improve the customer experience by ensuring that systems and applications are always available and accessible when needed.



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