Data Warehouse Implementation Introduction: 1-hour Briefing


Discover the possibilities of building a new Data Warehouse using the Microsoft Azure platform during a meeting with our specialists.

If your company feels the need to build the first Data Warehouse or feels that the current warehouse does not meet the expectations, it is worth using the helping hand of an external IT vendor and avoid many costly mistakes which occur when the implementation is carried out by the internal IT department. Relying on our knowledge and experience, your company will efficiently and quickly go through the project of implementing a Data Warehouse, which will be the only "source of truth" in the company.

Does your company need to implement a Data Warehouse? Does the IT department have its own responsibilities and does not have the internal strength to build a Data Warehouse? Does your company need a professional Data Warehouse built on the Azure platform? Do your company's employees need a Data Warehouse as the only source of truth to feed the reporting system? Do you want to start efficiently analysing the data scattered across the various systems of your organization? Don’t you know where to start the process of building a new Data Warehouse?

Take advantage of the Data Warehouse implementation service on the Microsoft Azure platform. Our Business Intelligence specialists will carry out a comprehensive Data Warehouse implementation project, which will expand the analytical capabilities of virtually all departments in the company. Our proven methods and many years of experience will help Your company in building a new efficient Data Warehouse in which your data will be protected with the most advanced solutions in Microsoft Azure Platform technologies. Usually, the construction of a new Data Warehouse covers key, permanent areas:

  • business needs coverage analysis
  • preparation of the architecture of solutions with an indication of the necessary components of the Microsoft Azure platform
  • building data storage structures
  • implementing ETL/ELT processes in the Data Warehouse
  • building optimal data models for a dedicated reporting system
  • testing the implemented solutions for correctness after each implementation stage.

Usually, the implementation of a Data Warehouse takes from 9 to 36 months - this time depends on the complexity of business processes, the number of integrated systems, and the amount of data processed. The implementation process itself is usually divided into stages of implementation and carried out in accordance with the established methodology.

You will receive:

  • A Data Warehouse that will integrate data from the indicated systems, provide access to structured data useful in everyday analysis and build a competitive advantage.


  • Business/IT decision-makers
  • Business analysts
  • Management

Note: During the 1-hour meeting we will discuss details of estimated time and cost of all processes. For the Data Warehouse construction project, we complete a dedicated implementation team composed of specialists from various BI areas (business analysts, DWH / ETL developers, BI architects, and testers). The implementation ends with a summary meeting, the transfer of technical documentation, and a training service for the operation of the Data Warehouse.