Develop Workforce w/ Talent Stream 2-Hr Assessment


Microsoft Stack Trained Talent Pools and Tech Team Enablement Network from Catalyte - Azure Platform Software and Data Engineering + DevOps and App Modernization + SQL and PowerBI

The current and future impact of immerging technology and digital transformation is creating demand for Microsoft Stack trained talent resources. Evolve and maintain your competitive edge throughout your digital transformation journey with “Extraordinary Tech Talent from Unexpected Places.”

Catalyte’s turn-key tech talent solution combines the power of predictive AI and Machine Learning to discover and identify individuals with the propensity to become high-performing software engineers. Catalyte is recognized as Microsoft’s Inclusion Changemaker Partner of the Year 2021 for their contribution to driving digital transformation toward a more diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace environment. Regardless of previous experience or personal resume, our Microsoft skilled and trained talent pool resources have been utilized to compliment, supplement and support IT workforces that are continually evolving through digital transformation.

Click "Contact Me" to schedule a free consultation. Your investment in Azure and Microsoft stack, combined with our U.S. based workforce development model, will enable you to effectively build Azure products and services that drive your organization forward.

Review, discuss and assess your current and future needs, goals and Microsoft Stack initiative

  • Identify skill gaps for your current staff and explore ways that Catalyte can help you build a more sustainable, diverse and productive Azure IT workforce
    • Azure developers, engineers, programmers, coders, architects
    • Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Power Apps, Flow, Power BI, and Dataverse
    • .NET full stack developers
    • Azure DevOps and Data Engineers
    • Power Platform developers

    • Deliverables:
      • Talent Stream Workforce Development: 2-Hr Assessment
      • Establish plan and approach to Microsoft-trained resources via contract or contract-to-hire