Azure DevOps Setup: 1 week program

Cloudgarner Solutions Pvt Ltd

Innovate Your Build Processes with Csharptek's Azure DevOps

Azure Pipelines with Csharptek's expertise for Azure DevOps. Our predefined is available as a Single Windows VM and VM Scale set, offers a managed service and solution template, seamlessly integrating into your Azure DevOps environment for elevated build processes.

Key Features: Managed Service Solution: • Predefined Private Build Agents as a managed service for effortless integration into Azure DevOps. • Solution template designed to enhance Azure Pipelines with efficiency and scalability. Years of Build Process Expertise: • Leverage our extensive experience in modern build processes gained as a service provider for software and cloud engineering. • Design, develop, and operate scalable SaaS, web, mobile, and IoT applications on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Azure Compatibility: Perfect synergy with Microsoft Azure, offering a seamless deployment of private build agents on Azure virtual machines or VM scale sets.

Why Choose Us: • Increased Resources: If your build process demands more memory, processor, storage, or IO than native Microsoft-hosted agents provide. • Specialized VM Requirements: When you need specific VM configurations like NCv2 for machine learning. • Private Deployment Scenarios: Deploying to a private Azure App Service in a VNET with no inbound connectivity. • Corporate Firewall Constraints: When you need to open corporate firewalls to specific IP addresses for communication with Microsoft-hosted agents. • Network Restrictions: If you require restricted network connectivity for agent machines, allowing communication only with approved sites. • Scalability Challenges: When the demand for agents exceeds what Microsoft-hosted agents can provide. • Job Complexity and Timeout: For jobs that exceed the timeout limits of Microsoft-hosted agents. • Custom Configuration Needs: When you need to run specific configurations or cache warmup before an agent accepts jobs. • Dynamic Agent Provisioning: If you prefer de-provisioning agent machines not in use to optimize resources. • Security and Code Trust: Running untrusted code in your pipeline, requiring re-imaging of agent machines after each job. • Image Updating Simplification: Simplifying periodic updates to the base image for your agents.