Skygrade Application Modernization Service for Microsoft Azure: 10 Week Implementation


Cognizant Skygrade is a packaged solution enabling organizations to transform hybrid and multi-cloud estates, at enterprise scale, backed by Cognizant and powered by Azure services and accelerators.

The cloud is the foundation of the modern digital business world. As change accelerates faster and faster in that digital world, the window to fully realize a well-orchestrated, efficient and change-ready cloud native business is closing. Enterprises must close the gap by modernizing apps & infrastructure at a rapid pace with cloud optimization built into the process. Cognizant Skygrade™ for Microsoft Azure makes it possible by leveraging Azure cloud-services and accelerators.

Cognizant Skygrade uses Azure at the core of a multi-cloud architecture to accelerate modernization and reduce risk. It blends capabilities of Azure cloud-services with proprietary accelerators and end-to-end legacy world knowhow as well as modernization expertise from Cognizant.

Through tool-based assessments, AI-driven monitoring, automation and more, it puts the fundamentals on rails so that Cognizant’s skilled modernization teams can do more for our clients.

Skygrade is an integrated, industrialized solution that covers the entire cloud journey with the following features:

Build the Cloud Estate

  • Creating landing zones using Azure landing zone accelerators.
  • Enable provisioning and orchestration of Azure estate.
  • Defined service catalogues for approved Azure services and applications.
Modernize & Migrate Apps
  • Transition legacy to modern cloud native services.
  • Automated, cost effective and comprehensive approaches.
  • Right modernization strategy for every modernization target
Manage & Run the Estate
  • Maximize the availability and performance of Azure and on-premises environments.
  • Leverage built-in controls and services in Azure across identity, data, networking and apps.
  • Adding automated IT operations and observability.
  • Feedback loops for continuous systemic improvement & optimization
Governance and FinOps
  • “Single Pane” visibility and control across providers.
  • AI/ML Enabled management and optimization of cloud spend.
  • Accurate show-back / chargeback of cloud consumption.
The offer price and engagement duration provided is estimated; the actual pricing and duration for this engagement will be customized based on the scope and requirements determined during the initial consultation.