Azure Data Backups: 4 Weeks Implementation

Communication Square LLC

This 4 week Implementation is designed to help customers fully utilize Azure Cloud for backing up Data and VMs in their existing infrastructure, while having the ability to restore on the go.

If you already completed our Assessment or Proof of Concept, you are eligible for a USD 1,000 Flat Discount.

###Process The Communication Square team will require access to existing customer environment and an Azure subscription (existing or new that we can provision for you).

An Azure Certified Consultant will then share with you a report of successful backups running for a full week as well demonstrate and test successful restoration of data from the cloud.

###Deliverables 1. Setup Backups for up to 50 VMs in Azure Cloud 2. Setup Multiple Backup Retention Policies and Backup frequency based on customer needs 3. Setup storage redundancy levels as suggested and agreed upon in the Assessment 4. Restore & demonstrate working backups in existing On-Premise environment or a new VMs in Cloud depending on preferences as agreed in final Assessment Report 5. Complimentary on-going SLA Support for 1 Year if you purchase Azure Licensing through Communication Square

Learn more about setting up your Backups in the Cloud with our offer for Azure Consulting

Read this article about backups which explains the various features of Azure Backups in Azure Cloud.

###About Communication Square
Communication Square is a Microsoft Co-Sell Ready Gold Partner with 10 Gold Competencies. We are trusted to provide SMEs with ready solutions to help manage, migrate, and protect their data.