Azure Security Center: 4 Weeks Implementation

Communication Square LLC

This 4 week Implementation is designed to help customers fully utilize Azure Security Center, while having the ability to manage and control.

###Process The Communication Square team will require access to existing customer Azure subscription.

An Azure Certified Consultant will then share the current infrastructure layout, current security landscape and goals to achieve.

###Deliverables 1. Setup Azure Security center in Azure Cloud. 2. Achieve the maximum possible secure score in Azure Cloud. 3. Achieve the different regulatory compliance in Azure Cloud. 4. Setup the Azure Just in time access (Provide access for specific period of time) Azure Cloud. 5. Setup the Adaptive Application Control (Allow or block applications) in Azure Cloud. 6. Setup file integrity monitoring in Azure Cloud. 7. Training and managing the Azure Security Center. 8. Complimentary on-going SLA Support for 1 Year if you purchase Azure Licensing through Communication Square,

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Azure Security Center is a tool for security posture management and threat protection. Because it's integrated with Azure Defender, Security Center protects workloads running in Azure, on-premises, and in other clouds. Learn more about azure security center and Microsoft Endpoint Manager

###About Communication Square
Communication Square is a Microsoft Co-Sell Ready Gold Partner with 10 Gold Competencies. We are trusted to provide SMEs with ready solutions to help manage, migrate, and protect their data.