Datacom Enabling Services: 3-Wk Implementation

Datacom Systems

Standardise, Automate and Securely deliver business grade applications on Microsoft Azure.

Datacom, as a Microsoft certified Azure Expert Managed Service provider (MSP), have been audited and accredited as an expert in delivering and managing Azure Environments across the globe.

Datacom delivers a holistic approach to managing a customer’s Azure environment across the entire Cloud Transformation Lifecycle starting with Strategy through to Design, Build and Operate.

Our Operate function provides efficiency and automation of low-value operational activities. Datacom Enabling Services, our Azure Expert MSP platform, delivers a standardised, secure and certified platform that is backed up with skilled resources delivering a full environment Managed Service. It delivers a highly automated and scalable managed solution for both IaaS and PaaS environments. Datacom’s public cloud support model is premised on the concept of enabling services for cloud. The role of enabling services is to provide a consistent, governed and endorsed “best practice” managed cloud environment.

Why is it important? Many organisations are feeling a disconnect between the benefits of the public Cloud and the management and security concerns with Cloud. This often results in reduced innovation and agility, affecting organisations ability to differentiate.

Datacom Enabling Services allows organisations to be secure with Hybrid Cloud, benefiting from the scale, security and expert skillsets available via Datacom’s managed platform, which is designed to meet their business and development needs.

Datacom Enabling Services is a consumption-based service. Cost depends on the complexity and size of workloads.