Azure Enterprise Scale Landing Zone - 20 Day Imp


Accelerate your Azure cloud adoption with an Enterprise Scale Landing Zone from DevOpsGroup. Using advanced DevOps techniques we can rapidly deploy a secure, scalable LZ in Azure for your organisation

Building a secure, scalable landing zone is an essential step on your Azure cloud adoption journey.

Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) offers detailed guidance on how to build your landing zone correctly aligned with best practice to ensure that it meets strict standards for security, governance, cost management etc.

DevOpsGroup, a Microsoft Gold Cloud & DevOps partner, uses advanced DevOps automation techniques including infrastructure-as-code (IaC), configuration-as-code (CaC) and policy-as-code (PaC) to create reusable blueprints for enterprise-scale landing zones aligned with the Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and Microsoft’s Azure Well-Architected Framework

This means our expert Azure engineers can rapidly deploy an Azure landing zone, tailored to your organisation’s needs, that meets the highest standards as defined by Microsoft. Since we use “-as-code” DevOps techniques we can also quickly iterate on the base design to meet your specific requirements as they evolve along your cloud adoption journey.

Benefits to customers from our Azure Landing Zone service:

  • Accelerate Cloud Adoption - DevOpsGroup’s engineers will build your new landing zone, accelerating your cloud adoption strategy
  • Aligned to Azure Best practice - Your new LZ will be built in alignment with Azure best practice
  • Built with DevOps - your LZ will be built with the latest DevOps automation techniques that provide flexibility and reusability