Azure Well Architected Framework:1/2day Assessment


Benchmark your Azure Cloud architecture against the Azure Well-Architected Framework to reduce risk and improve cloud TCO. Identity high-risk issues and get prioritised recommendations to fix them.

Azure is a rapidly evolving cloud services platform with frequent releases of new services that improve security, costs and efficiency. But the volume of updates coupled with the scale of cloud infrastructures can make it hard to keep pace. Competitive disadvantage and business vulnerability can result if your cloud architectures are not constantly evolving to take advantage of the new services and ever-changing best practice.

Based on Microsoft’s Azure Well-Architected Framework, DevOpsGroup have designed a unique, highly interactive half-day assessment workshop to help teams responsible for building and operating cloud services to assess their existing services and identify areas for improvements.

The Azure Well-Architected Framework is a set of guiding tenets that can be used to analyse and improve workloads running in Azure. The Azure Well-Architected Framework provides a consistent reference point for organisations using Azure to assess their workloads against five pillars of architectural excellence: Cost Optimization, Operational Excellence, Performance Efficiency, Reliability, and Security.

Our expert Azure cloud architects and engineers will work with your Cloud team to reviews your workloads against the five pillars. This is done via a structured, collaborative, workshop that they will facilitate that reviews each pillar in turn.

To get the most value from a Well-Architected Review, it is important that all parties that have involvement with the workload can join the review so that we can discuss appropriate options. We recommend the presence of at least one person for each key area.

For a typical workload, this would usually involve the following roles:

• Infrastructure Engineer(s) • DBA(s) • DevOps Engineer(s) • Developer(s) • Support Team representation • Security Team representation

At the end of the Review our experts will give feedback and offer recommendations on how to improve your workloads in alignment with the Azure Well-Architected.