Privileged Identity Mgt -1 Week Implementation

KiZAN Technologies

Reduce security threats with Privileged Identity Management

Minimize standing Azure Active Directory and Microsoft 365 administrative access to secure information with just-in-time access.

Sprawling threats put your organization at risk. Take a simple step to remove standing access for administrators, reducing the attack surface to your Microsoft 365 services.

Implementation of Privileged Identity Management allows you to:

  • Provide just-in-time privileged access to Azure Active Directory and Azure resources.
  • Assign time-bound access to resources using start and end dates.
  • Require approval to activate privileged roles.
  • Enforce multi-factor authentication to activate any role.
  • Use justification to understand why users activate.
  • Get notifications when privileged roles are activated.
  • Conduct access reviews to ensure users still need roles.
  • Download audit history for internal or external audit.


  • Completed Privileged Identity Management overview and planning session.
  • Recommendations provided for Microsoft 365 administrative accounts and break glass accounts.
  • Licenses assigned to targeted admin accounts.
  • Enforce multi-factor authentication to activate any role.
  • Privileged Indentity Management configured and admins assigned for Global Admin and a second highly privileged role.
  • Validated Privileged Identity Management workflows.
  • Documented role settings and assigned users.

In addition to Privileged Identity Management, admin account security measures and break glass account recommendations will provide opportunities for further securing the environment.