Azure Migration : Assessment

Networking Planet

2-week assessment reviewing current infrastructure and delivering detailed path for Azure cloud strategy by industry leading partner, trainers, and thought leaders.

Networking Planet is ready to help assess and migrate your environment into Azure. The assessment will focus on analyzing the current workloads and present the best options for migration and modernization.

Servers, databases and web apps: Assess on-premises servers including web apps and SQL Server instances and present options for migration to Azure virtual machines or Azure VMware Solution (AVS).

Databases: Assess on-premises SQL Server instances and databases to migrate them to an SQL Server on an Azure VM or an Azure SQL Managed Instance or to an Azure SQL Database.

Web applications: Assess on-premises web applications and migrate them to Azure App Service and Azure Kubernetes Service.

Virtual desktops: Assess your on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and migrate it to Azure Virtual Desktop. Data: Migrate large amounts of data to Azure quickly and cost-effectively using Azure Data Box products.

Completion of the assessment will have a step by step plan provided by a senior architect to both migration and operations in Azure using cloud adoption framework best practices.