Microsoft Entra Verified ID: 6-week Proof of Concept

Oxford Computer Group LLC

Oxford Computer Group's Microsoft Entra Verified ID Proof of Concept can help you discover the power and benefits of authentic verifiable credentials.

Verifiable digital credentials can help your organization improve security, reduce fraud, provide a better user experience, and accelerate digital transformation.

Nearly all organizations create or consume credentials for employees, customers, partners, or others. Credentials can take the form of a physical or electronic document and can originate inside or outside of the organization. Managing these credentials can be expensive and time consuming, particularly since the credentials themselves can be fraudulent.

Fraud prevention is always a priority when doing business, but current methods like passwords, ID cards, and certifications are expensive, difficult to secure, and raise privacy concerns. Additionally, multiple credentials are often needed to allow someone to perform a certain task in an organization. For example, a contractor might need to prove that their safety and professional training is current, and that they have a valid driver’s license.

With Microsoft Entra Verified ID, organizations can automate credentials verification and enable privacy-protected interactions with their users - all while seamlessly integrating with their existing security infrastructure.

Further benefits of verifiable credentials include:

  • Reduced risk of fraudulent transactions and phishing attacks
  • Reduced operational costs through automated administrative processes, including audits
  • Enhanced privacy protection and controls
  • An improved experience for employees and other end users
  • Empower users with ownership of their own digital credentials

OCG offers a comprehensive consulting suite for HR and IT services tailored specifically for verifiable credentials. Our 20+ years of identity consulting make us uniquely positioned to integrate verifiable credentials into the rest of your organization’s identity infrastructure.

Our services encompass strategic planning, system design, platform integration, change management, license optimization and ongoing managed services. By partnering with us, organizations can enhance their security, streamline their verification processes, and establish a trusted and efficient credentialing ecosystem.

We offer a Microsoft Entra Verified ID Proof of Concept (POC) service to help customers discover the benefits of authentic verifiable credentials. Deliverables include:

  • Discovery to define relevant business processes and applications appropriate to POC
  • Design and implement a Microsoft Entra Verified ID Proof of Concept
  • Operational documentation on how to support the POC environment
  • User enablement documentation
  • Build two applications: one to create the credential and one to validate the credential - both using the Authenticator app
  • Integrate credential creation and validation with one business process
  • Deploy the verifiable credential digital to the customer’s device and provide real-time validation
  • On-board 25 users and provide support for 4 weeks to enable them to use the system
  • Capture user feedback after the POC and provide the results in a presentation and document

POCs are customized for each customer based on requirements and goals.