Azure VMware Migration 4 week Implementation

PC Connection, Inc.

Azure VMware Migration Program

Cloud integration undoubtedly involves a variety of variables: staff readiness, current processes, and IT support and management, to name a few. With AVS, you access and manage your VMware environments using familiar VMware tools without needing to retrain staff or re-platform the hypervisors. Your operations will remain consistent with direct administrative access to VMware vSphere interfaces.

Gain familiarity with AVS as Connection assists you in standing up your existing VMware environment on to Azure. You can seamlessly integrate your VMware workloads between your data center and Azure—all while you continue to use the same VMware tools you already know.

Connection AVS Production Offering Team up with our Azure experts to complete a production deployment for one or more of the use cases listed below.

VMware has put together a video series, AVS Deployment Deep Dive, to illustrate the process. Watch Module 1: Planning and Design Considerations to get a clear picture of how we will start.

Planning and Design
– Azure Migration Assessment: A thorough assessment of your existing VMware environment
– Azure Readiness Summary: A technical blueprint detailing which applications, workloads, and virtual machines are prepared for a move to Azure

Execution – Production Deployment and Testing
– Technical Resources and Support: End-to-end support and unbiased guidance from Connection and Microsoft Azure Experts Debrief
– Environment Health Check

Debrief – Environment Health Check