Anomaly Detection Platform : 3 Weeks Proof of Concept

PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Limited

Empower your teams with our one-stop, fully automated platform to solve complex anomaly detection challenges

Anomaly Detection Platform is a fully automated, ML-driven platform bundled with our risk assurance domains and services. It helps you in detecting & preventing anomalies, and in powering continuous transaction monitoring with uncovering of unknown patterns & risks using unsupervised ML methods.

Our platform is built on Microsoft Azure, and would help you to: a. Capture & integrate structured and unstructured data seamlessly via Azure Data Factory / Event Hub b. Enable flexible data storage from multiple source types with Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS) c. Configure an UI-based business rule engine (BRE) with pre-defined rules library to manage known risks & patterns d. Leverage unsupervised ML models & natural-language generation (NLG) for tackling unknown risks with Azure ML e. Take action via our configurable workflows, and derive & share insights with our personalized, action-oriented Power BI dashboards

Our platform is industry agnostic, and can be easily configured for multiple use-cases.

We would work with you to first assess your requirements, existing data & systems landscape, and then easily customize our platform with the above features to cater to your specific business use-cases.