PwC GenAI Azure QuickStart: 3 Week POC

Pricewaterhousecoopers LLP

PwC GenAI QuickStart allows you to set the foundation for your baseline for corporate generative AI activities.

Generative AI services, such as Azure OpenAI Services, can integrate industry-leading models into platforms like Azure, empowering organizations to help harness the potential of AI. By leveraging the security, scalability, and seamless integration offered by the Azure cloud platform, organizations can confidently develop powerful AI solutions while helping maintain the confidentiality and integrity of data within their own environment.

Turning knowledge into outcomes – here's what you can receive:

PwC specializes in establishing and laying the groundwork for the Azure OpenAI Infrastructure, which can be seamlessly deployed within your Azure subscription. With a strong focus on security, retaining control over access permissions so that the system can be protected according to their requirements. The infrastructure is tightly integrated with essential datasets and applications, enabling a cohesive and tailored environment for harnessing the power of generative AI.

Azure Foundation GenAI QuickStart may include:

  1. Assessment & Recommendations o Assessment of current AI capabilities o Recommendations and roadmap for AI implementation

  2. Setup Azure OpenAI Services infrastructure o Assist in the deployment and configuration of Microsoft Azure OpenAI API endpoints and integrations with foundational infrastructure o Configure Microsoft Azure OpenAI services for authentication and authorization o Configure initial orchestration layer for data protection and auditing, including: metering, sensitive data filtering, audit logging with appropriate data sharing o Identify, document, and implement privacy policies and standards for the environment.

  3. Training o Develop training material to help motivate and align business leaders.

PwC's differentiator for building an AI foundation:

• Embrace generative AI responsibly: PwC provides a secure environment that can help prioritize governance, risk and controls, and responsible AI practices. • Strong Alliance with Microsoft and Azure OpenAI Service: PwC collaborates closely with Microsoft and leverages the Azure OpenAI Service to help develop scalable AI solutions. This partnership can bring industry-leading offerings tailored to your industry-specific business needs. • Retooling for enhanced effectiveness: PwC can focus on retooling existing platforms to help upskill employees and increase the efficiency of current offerings. Empower your workforce with the necessary tools and knowledge so you can thrive in the AI-driven landscape.

Your QuickStart to generative AI:

With investment in the right foundation, generative AI can be a business-value driver with uncapped potential to enable transformation. QuickStart can allow you to start small and survey your organization for the use cases that can help deliver business outcomes with AI.

Major US bank undertakes innovative transformation with generative AI:

The Challenge

Enable proof-of-concept testing for generative AI with an innovative test environment for a major US bank while adhering to complex internal IT governance and legacy technology infrastructure. A key requirement was to enable strict tracking of application development and usage.

The Solution

PwC engaged the customer’s IT teams to design a scalable innovation architecture that fit within existing governance policies and legacy infrastructure. PwC deployed Azure OpenAI Services and a suite of cloud services including Power BI, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Sentinel.

The Result

The bank has a secure innovation environment to explore generative AI use cases and applications with data protection in place from prototype through to testing. Logging and monitoring are in place to enable effective cost and usage tracking.