Security and Compliance Assessment


Gain insights by thorough evaluation of Azure environment’s security posture to ensure best practices.

Are you searching for a meticulous security and compliance assessment for your environment?

This solution empowers you to meet and exceed compliance requirements within your Azure environment. Tailored to assist decision-makers in navigating critical infrastructure challenges, including:

  • Addressing compliance hurdles
  • Rectifying misconfigured resources
  • Strengthening network security
  • Establishing an incident response plan
  • Enhancing logging and monitoring capabilities
  • Mitigating third-party risks
  • Preventing data breaches and unauthorized access
  • Managing the potential threat of cyber attacks
  • Improving identity and access management
  • Overcoming limitations in expertise and training
  • Strengthening endpoint security
  • Mitigating risks associated with Shadow IT and unsanctioned services

 Our dedicated team of cloud professionals excels in:

  • Comprehensive understanding of your Azure infrastructure in the context of security and compliance requirements.
  • Analyze the security controls of Azure virtual machines, networks, and identity and access management.
  • Identification of vulnerabilities within your Azure infrastructure.
  • Evaluation of compliance with industry standards such as CIS benchmarks and best practices like GDPR and HIPAA.
  • Assessment of the risk posture of your Azure infrastructure, identifying any compliance gaps.
  • Provision of actionable recommendations to address vulnerabilities and enhance overall security and compliance.

By leveraging the benefits of this offering, you gain:

  • A focused session presented key findings, recommendations, and a roadmap addressing stakeholders' concerns.
  • A concise summary of assessment results and actionable insights tailored for management and decision-makers.
  • A strategic roadmap outlining necessary changes, including timelines, dependencies, and potential impacts on workloads.

  This package includes an assessment of up to 10 subscriptions, estimated to be delivered in approximately three to five days.
*Pricing depends on the complexity of the workloads; contact us to get the details.


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  • Certified Azure Architects, SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), Engineers & Developers
  • 150+ MSP Customers across 60+ countries worldwide