Application Modernization: 4 weeks Proof of Concept


Start modernizing your legacy applications with Noventiq's Proof of Concept service.

Problems We Solve For You

Let’s describe your applications:

  • high maintenance budget;
  • long feature development;
  • integration compatibility restrictions;
  • difficult hiring of in-house specialists to maintain;

Sounds familiar? It’s what our years-long experience is telling us about legacy applications. Noventiq Digital helped dozens of businesses to turn it around!

We offer an ideal solution to these challenges. The first step of it is proof of concept for modernization, to create a viable strategy for upgrading your legacy applications, alongside new functionality development and new business scenarios creation, if needed.

Using our Application Modernization Proof of Concept service, you’ll get a detailed professional analysis of how to improve your in-house application usage experience, covering:

  • Fast application performance.
  • Attractive, modern user interface.
  • Smooth data access.
  • The latest development platforms usage to avoid support issues.
  • Up-to-date licenses.
Noventiq Digital follows a modernization strategy, using phased approach:
  1. Discovery phase to discuss the idea of application modernization.
  2. High-level design to outline the overall architecture, technology stack, and key components.
  3. Functional prototyping to demonstrate the core features of the final application.
  4. Security review to ensure that the application meets industry standards and compliance requirements.
  5. Technical documentation to describe the modernized application's design, architecture, and implementation.
  6. A detailed project plan outlining the resources, milestones, and timeline for proof of concept and the entire modernization project.
  7. Reporting and presentation of the proof of concept result summary to demonstrate the benefits of the modernized application, functionality, performance, and the next stages in the application modernization.
  8. User acceptance testing to detect issues and fix them before moving to the next application modernization stages.
  9. A detailed cost estimation of the entire application modernization project based on the proof of concept results.
  10. Planning further support and maintenance of the modernized application.
Pricing and Timelines:

Application Modernization Proof of Concept takes only 4 weeks, the quoted price is indicative and will vary depending on the actual complexity and scope, agreed at discovery phase.

What’s Next:

Having completed a detailed Application Modernization Proof of Concept in only 4 weeks, Noventiq Digital offers the Application Modernization Services to deliver you the expected result:

  1. We perform the development of the application and infrastructure, following our roadmap, making sure everything works as expected - to do so we use QA best practices.
  2. We deliver upgraded applications either manually by hand or automatically using Azure DevOps.
  3. We make sure the delivered application works as expected by performing manual and automated tests.
  4. We perform application modernization based on several Microsoft tools:
    • Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform - for hosting and distributing software worldwide;
    • Microsoft Teams - for documents management, notifications, and chat-bots;
    • Microsoft Power Platform - for workflows and RPA scenarios.