Azure Stack HCI - 2 Hours Briefing

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

2 hours briefing session on how the Azure Stack HCI enables the Business to reduce siloed hardware, meet the regulatory & dat sovereignty and low latency / edge workloads.

A standalone solution to address the various business requirements to host diversified workloads on Azure Stack HCI without needing to obtain anything from a third party. Our solution tightly equipped with all required echo tools for Assessment, Planning & Design, Implementation & Migration, also our solution is integrated with industry proven mechanism – “TCS Cloud Exponence” for handling the day-to-day operations.

Our Tools:

Cloud Counsel: • Application & Infrastructure - Data Analysis • Continuous ASHCI assessment capability

Foundation & Migration: • Ready platform foundation • ASHCI migration

Cloud Exponence: • Automated Provisioning & Orchestration • Digitized Application Architecture Library • Service Catalogue Managed Services

Key Industry Scenarios to go with Azure stack HCI: Reducing the footprint of siloed hardware, Increasing the Flexibility & Agility, Adopting the Automation, During the Datacenter Modernization, & for Application Modernization.

Use cases for Azure Stack HCI: In all the below mentioned use cases we will analyze the current estate, define the migration strategy & design by retaining the harmony of the running estate with all the integrations. We also own the ASHCI estate and by leveraging the cloud exponence we will ensure the smoothen day to day operations. • Remote Office & Branch Office • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure • High Performance SQL Server • Integrated Kubernetes • Trusted Enterprise Virtualization

Benefits: • The only cloud connected hyperconverged network. • New HCI Fleet view through Azure Portal. • New deployment wizard, self-service VMs through AZURE ARC and a new integrated form factor. • Curate business case which strengthens TCO and experience

TCS Advantages: • Strategic Partnership with Microsoft Azure: TCS is an Azure Expert MSP, MPN -Gold Certified Partner and an active member of the MPN Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. • Faster Time to Value • Factory based approach