TCS Intelligent Migration Factory Hub

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

TCS Intelligent Migration Factory Hub provides orientation on how TCS will work with the customer and deliver the migration execution.

TCS Intelligent Cloud Migration Factory Hub (MFH) Services allows organizations to deploy workloads reliably and securely to the appropriate cloud service in Azure at a speed to meet business demand. With governance oversight it supplies a holistic view of cloud migration journey and orchestrates cloud migration initiatives. The setup of the MFH is similar to the factory assembly line process and relies on a set of well-defined activities. It measures the performance and provides the visibility of number of migration workload and recommends the treatment on workload migrations with scale and speed. It helps organizations to evaluate how the operating model must change and prove the new way of working as they migrate. MFH inbuilt intelligence confirms the migration plan and removes the risks of migrating the workloads to the cloud. Automated migration effectively governs provisioning, usage, real time migration tracking and performance. This platform is integrated seamlessly with Azure Migrate, migration scripts as well as third-party tools and leverages Azure DevOps for overall governance and intelligent algorithms which help to automate migration execution processes. Benefits: • Migrate multiple servers to the Azure Cloud • Simplify, speed up, and reduce the cost of cloud migration through an automated factory solution. • Automate manual tasks and migrate more quickly and efficiently and reduce the opportunity for human error. • Manage migrations using a web interface. • Monitor migration progress. • See the progress of your migration with a migration tracker and visualize migration metadata using Hub portal. • A few of the Supported Workload Migration Scenarios are Windows, Linux (Centos, Red Hat and etc.), AVS, DB migration to PaaS based service etc. *Environment Consideration: 200 VM with 50 apps, Migration type lift & Shift using Azure Migrate and Re-platform. No Modernization