Azure VMware Solution 9 Week Implementation

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

Move on-premises environment (200 VMs) to Azure VMware Solution a private cloud with TCS’ 9-week implementation and Migration plan

Get ready to move your on-premises environment (200 VMs) to Azure VMware Solution a private cloud with TCS’ 9-week implementation plan. With years’ experience of handling applications, we can help you to manage your application performance in various environments. And that brings special factors to perform a successful migration to Azure VMware Solution private cloud. Our standardized approach and uses a variety of accelerators (in-house/third-party) to handle various kind of migration treatments on migration workloads and AVS deployment. Azure VMware Solution provides a additional value to the organization on Microsoft applications. • Extended support for Windows and SQL Server 2008 for security updates. • Hybrid benefits to use existing on-premises Windows and SQL Server licenses. • Savings - Best cloud for Microsoft workloads

During Migration Journey to cloud, TCS approach go through Define, Design, Deploy and Migrate phase. As an outcome of on-premises workload assessment, target sizing is calculated and accordingly AVS private cloud is deployed. Our proven expertise in AVS deployment and workload migration to AVS helps customer to meet the performance expectation and it brings the trust and helps in quick cloud adoption. During Implementation phase HCX connectivity is established, and configuration will be done by understanding the on-premises environment and requirement from project ex, to retain IP. After successful deployment testing and validation of landing zone and network part will be conducted and report will be delivered to the customer. Below are the expected outcomes of 9 weeks’ AVS implementation and migration of on-premises workload. • Create design documents containing HLD and LLD • Prepare the migration planning document • Create the migration Run-Book to migrate the on-premises workload to Cloud • Testing & Validation report of AVS infrastructure • Automate the migration • Migration Status Report