Cloud -Microsoft Azure Infrastructure - 3 Days Assessment

Synergetics Information Technology Services India Private Limited

Azure Cloud Infrastructure assessment helps an organization to understand the bottlenecks of migrating workload faster, correcting security posture, and improving operational efficiency & Governance.

Assessment of your Microsoft Azure - Cloud Infrastructure Assessments are a way to better understand your organization’s present digital estate and maximize returns while minimizing risks. Our assessments are based on a set of industry best practices adhering to a Well-Architected framework that incorporates proven methodologies which assist in:

Preparing a workload inventory Preparing Resource Inventory Understand Application usage and topology as well as the non-functional requirements Determines the overall complexity and associated risk for each line of business application Define an end state for the digital Estate

How are we helping you? Understand the Digital Estate: Gathering accurate/relevant data of IT assets & workloads that support specific business functions Rationalize the Digital Estate: Rationalize Digital Estate by applying the 5R’s and by identifying the optimal way to host a workload on a cloud. Identifying the First workload for migrating to Cloud

Planning Digital Estate: Determining what changes are the top priority for your organization by understanding the desired digital transformation and planning a corresponding transformation journey

Expected Outcome: An assessment report with solution architecture recommendation stating

  • Readiness plan for faster migration of workloads,
  • Recommendation on Policy-driven deployment plan for improving operational efficiency and governing deployed resources
  • Highlighting security vulnerabilities for correcting security posture
  • High-level migration plan for the first workload with an estimated cost for moving them to the Cloud.