SAP HANA Transformation: 3-Wk Proof-of-Concept

Wharfedale Technologies Inc

SAP HANA migration to Azure with a limited scope system as proof of concept to start your Digital Transformation journey.

Our cloud transformation solution is based on our extensive expertise on SAP and Microsoft Azure, and empowers organizations with a one-stop solution for their SAP, Suite on HANA and S/4HANA Digital Transformation.

We will start with your current SAP landscape analysis and assessment reports like Architecture Design Sessions (ADS), HANA sizing reports, and any other ground work you might have already done in selecting a limited scope system for HANA Migration.

We will work closely with you in planning, designing, executing and validating this migration to leverage HANA and S/4HANA for your business in future.

We will guide you in your Digital Transformation journey with a clear roadmap and options as trusted partner through this engagement.


Week 1: Environment Preparation and HANA Installation

  • Current and future SAP Landscape analysis
  • HANA Sizing Report analysis
  • Network, Connectivity and Security analysis
  • Azure server provisioning
  • OS installation (RHEL or SUSE Linux) on HANA VM
  • Creation of filesystems on HANA VM
  • HANA installation

Week 2: Migration

  • Validation of connectivity and security
  • OSDB Migration using DMO Option
  • Validation of Migration

Week 3: Testing

  • Execution of Testing Scenarios
  • Validation of POC & Pilot objectives
  • Closure and Next steps


  • Bill of Material (BOM) with Azure Servers for selected SAP HANA system
  • Architecture diagram for SAP Landscape with HANA Migration
  • Azure infrastructure setup and configured HANA System
  • SAP HANA Proof of Concept workload running in Azure

Please contact us today to commence your Digital Transformation journey with our unique SAP HANA migration to Azure offer with one pilot system. We will be happy to credit back initial POC fee towards large full-scale implementation and multi-year Managed Services Contract.