Financial Reporting and Controlling - FinReCo

Adastra, s.r.o.

Financial Reporting and Controlling - FinReCo

Adastra, s.r.o.

FinReCo. The automated solution for your financial reporting.

Key features of FinReCo

Online any day and at any time – your management will always have up-to-date financial numbers available for strategic decision-making.

Uniform results – three different controllers will obtain three identical responses to three independent queries on the income statement.

Much faster income statements – you will shorten the time it takes to finish your management income statement, including data collection, from three weeks to three days.

Logical reporting – your business logic will move into your reporting and will not just reside in the heads and spreadsheets of your controllers, whose absence or departure will consequently not endanger your company.

Business analysis and support – your controllers will be able to start analyzing and supporting the business instead of concentrating on the unpopular collection and connection of Excel spreadsheets.



FinReCo benefits for business and IT

Full automation.

Independence from the IT department

Auditable, reliable inputs