Videospace - Video On-Demand and AI Search Platform


Videospace - Video On-Demand and AI Search Platform


Videospace is the next generation Video AI Platform powered by the world’s most advanced search.

Videospace - The next generation Video A.I. Platform. Powered by the world’s most advanced Video Search Engine.

  • Our unique proposition is video search. Videospace powerful search engine indexes and allows users to find specific scenes instantly.
  • Videospace extracts video data and intelligence. It involves the ability to extract different types of video data (speech, words, faces, etc.) in time-series and making sense of them.
  • Videospace is a Video On-Demand platform. Think of us as a secured Enterprise Netflix or YouTube.
  • We live-stream events. Town hall or conference where you need security and control.
  • Videospace allows you to translate and extend your videos into another language using advanced features like captioning, translated search machine speech.

Video AI and Search

Videospace’s unique proposition is in Video Search. We created FOUR world's first in video search technologies!
With the volume of video today far exceeding humans’ capacity to effectively search through its content. It results in the increasing demand for video analytics globally. Videospace's Video Search Engine, arguably the world's most advanced video search engine, is the first to combine 8 search elements into a single video search platform:
  • Speech Recognition (More than 100 languages)
  • Words or Text (more than 25 languages)
  • Objects (detects over 20,000 objects)
  • Motion (detects motion in specific zones)
  • Faces (detects up to 64 faces in a single frame)
  • Emotion (detects up to 8 major emotions)
  • Offensive Content (detects pornography, nudity, profanity, violence)
  • Custom Search (e.g. logos, landmarks, objects, etc)

Why is Video Search so important?

Videospace allows you to:

  1. Extend your video’s reach globally by translating into another language

  2. Search your videos. Allowing users to discover content instantly.

  3. Extract video data and intelligence, giving you insights and analytics.

  4. Market your services by generating Video SEO in multiple languages automatically