Brillio One Health Payer Competitive Intelligence


Brillio One Health Payer Competitive Intelligence


Develop pricing & contracting strategies based on data driven intelligence

Today we live at a crossroad wheretransparency in the healthcare eco-system is creating a monumental shift ofpower to the hands of consumers. As pricing transparency regulations comes intoeffect, it's simply not enough for payers to be merely comply. Organizationsneed to stay ahead of the curve by harnessing the power of data around businessproblems.

Brillio One Health Payer CompetitiveIntelligence powered by Azure

Brillio’s Payer Competitive Intelligenceproduct is a SaaS-based Azure solution that is built with a mission to make iteasier for healthcare organizations to stay competitive in the current market.

A completely customizable tool that can helpyou assess your competitiveness in the market. Brillio’s Payer competitiveintelligence tool is SaaS based offering that can help you assess and compareyour contracts against your competitors in the market. Generate data driveninsights to strategize smarter contracts helping the industry reduce the costof care.

Key Features

  • Pick your competitors for assessment from the set of pre-loaded payers or configure new payers
  • Compare contract/service level pricing for your market
  • Set baseline costs for better insights
  • Out of the box offering on Azure for quick assessment
  • Ability to integrate with core system for highly customized insights for Payers and members

Through a combination of our proprietarytools, modeling methodologies, and industry, and technical experience, we can help youdevelop pricing & contracting strategies based on data driven intelligence.

Key Differentiators

  • SaaS based, instantly consumable on Azure
  • Pre-built plugins with intuitive dynamic reporting and scalable framework
  • Proven inbuilt data driven methodology for financial modeling
  • Highly customizable for payer specific insights, predictive modeling and can be extended for members

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