MySQL Server and phpMyadmin

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MySQL Server and phpMyadmin

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MySQL Server on CentOS 8.3 with phpMyadmin, LAMP Stack, Apache. Optimised for speed & performance.

MySQL Server and phpMyadmin on CentOS Server 8.3

MySQL server comes pre-installed with the full LAMP stack (Apache Web Server, PHP, MySQL, PHPMyadmin) on CentOS Server running MySQL Community Edition. Configure server as a standalone SQL server or SQL replication. Server can also be setup for InnoDB clustering for HA

This MySQL database server also comes pre-installed with phpMyadmin, allowing you to administer your databases via web GUI (managing databases, tables, columns, relations, indexes, users, permissions, etc).

Apache Web Server is also installed allowing you to install any web based applications as part of the full LAMP stack.

MySQL provides you with a suite of tools for developing and managing MySQL-based business critical applications on Cent OS Server. This solution comes with the following:

MySQL Features:

  • Mysql Server
  • Mysql Shell
  • phpMyadmin
  • Mysql Client
  • PHP Language
  • PHP Extensions - Apcu,Redis,Mongodb,Libsodium,Swoole
  • KodExplorer (Web based file manager)
  • Apache Web Server
  • Apache Modules - Mod_wsgi, Mod_Security
  • LAMP stack
  • MySQL Support

    MySQL Server on CentOS Server support is from How to Setup Mysql Server on Azure

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