Comarch Cloud Factoring


Comarch Cloud Factoring


Keep your cost and workload to a minimum when managing invoices end-to-end.

Comarch Factoring is a cloud-based platform that lets factors and their customers manage and control a full lifecycle of receivables. It integrates a dedicated tool for customer service, advanced settlement engine, and multichannel access to factoring services.

What you get?

Cloud ecosystem

Connecting and integrating with other systems such as accounting, ERP, online banking etc. has never been so easy.

New system with excellent UX

Thanks to the cooperation of Comarch UX LAB and end customers, the Comarch Cloud Factoring system is transparent, intuitive and adapted to user needs.

Fast implementation

Thanks to modular structure, the system can be implemented in just a few weeks. Keep your cost and workload to a minimum when managing invoices end-to-end.

Continuous improvement

As your business grows, we can easily add new add-ons to each module, which will further improve the work of your partners. All system updates and new versions are included.

On-line onboarding

Carry out the registration process and confirm your customer, contractor or business partner identity through an online on-boarding model.

Key benefits:

Pay as you grow model

Pay less when your business starts, cover bigger costs when you can afford it. Thanks to this approach the cooperation with our partners is even more transparent.

Security and vigilance

Continuous monitoring of the entire factoring portfolio. Catching warning signals, anomalies on contracts, contractors or reconciled contracts in one place thanks to an advanced Early Warning System based on artificial intelligence.

Time and cost savings

Thanks to improved payment matching algorithms, system is able to settle up to 85% of payments automatically. With these improvements, the participation of the operation team is minimized - which means more time for customer service.