DataRobot AI Platform for Microsoft Azure

DataRobot Inc

DataRobot AI Platform for Microsoft Azure

DataRobot Inc

Make Better Data-Driven Decisions with DataRobot AI Platform on Microsoft Azure

DataRobot offers a fully open AI platform and an extensive ecosystem that drives real business value. The DataRobot AI Platform provides all the tools you need to confidently build, deploy, manage, and govern both generative and predictive AI solutions for enterprises. DataRobot's world-class team of AI experts boasts a proven record of success, having collaborated with thousands of customers on tens of thousands of AI use cases across a wide range of industries.

The DataRobot AI Platform is available on Microsoft Azure as a Single-Tenant SaaS, offering seamless integration with:

Azure OpenAI Services: DataRobot Notebooks Code-Assist allows for the use of conversational prompts to generate data preparation and modeling code in Python that uses the full context of the business use case and available data.

Azure Machine Learning: This allows users to easily deploy trained models, using scoring code, from their DataRobot registry to Azure Machine Learning managed endpoints, and monitor these deployments in DataRobot. This integration also enables automated model compliance documentation for both DataRobot and Azure Machine Learning models.

Azure Data Services: Get seamless and secure access to all your data. The DataRobot AI Platform integrates seamlessly with Azure data services including Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 (ADLS), Azure Synapse Analytics, and Azure SQL Database.

Power BI: Visualize model predictions with Power BI.

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