G-Mana - OTT Dynamic Ad Insertion

G-Mana LTD

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G-Mana - OTT Dynamic Ad Insertion

G-Mana LTD

(3 Classificações)

SSAI Server Side Ad Insertion

Go over the top. Capture the full potential.

Empowering the addressable TV landscape

G-Mana provides a simple, holistic and highly innovative solution to OTT and addressable TV server-side ad insertion (SSAI), with virtually zero integrations. Our goal is to help our clients shift their focus from technical challenges to successful business.

G-Mana's SSAI Core Benefits:

  • Personalization-Enhanced SSAI

By creating a personalized ad request for each user, G-Mana's SSAI service provides publishers with effective viewer engagement opportunities that create a TV-like advertising experience. This optimal ad stitching service also bypasses ad blockers.

  • New Advertising Inventory for OTT Environments

G-Mana's live stitching capabilities unlock new media & advertising capabilities such as: commercial overlays, underlays, picture-in-picture and side-by-side. We use pure server-side technologies, with zero client integration.

  • In-Depth KPI Analysis

With G-Mana, you will have access to content-related insights that improve troubleshooting capabilities, enhance fill rates and maximize revenues.

  • Intelligence-Based Commercial Breaks Insertion

With G-Mana, ad delivery scheduling (SCTE35) has never been easier. We combine intelligent frame detection with duration prediction capabilities to help you reach your monetization goals.

  • Maximize fill rate with flexible prefetch capabilities

With G-Mana, you will have access to optimize ad break management with prefetch settings that improve fill rates and maximize revenue.


  • Optimal revenue maximization.
  • Unlock rich media inventory.
  • Seamlessly blends promos, teasers & campaigns.
  • KPI-promoting measurement.
  • High prefetch capabilities for optimal fill rates.
  • Fully compliant with SCTE/IAB standards.

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