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G7CR SaaS Sumologic

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Kubernetes Observability, App Observability, Web & Edge Observability, DevOps Observability

Your One-Stop solution for Observability across Azure Resources.

DevOps Observability Reduce downtime by finding, investigating, and resolving customer-impacting issues faster with real-time alerting and dashboards for all data - logs, metrics, and traces

Kubernetes Observability Seamlessly correlate across logs, metrics, and traces leveraging entity-driven workflows for faster problem detection and root cause analysis across your entire Kubernetes application and infrastructure.

Application Observability Monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot applications faster by collecting logs, metrics, and traces in a unified platform and apply advanced analytics. Open source data collection enables data ingestion from hundreds of applications.

This solution enables you to monitor:

  • Activity Logs—Activity Logs are subscription-level logs that provide insight into the operations performed on resources in your subscription, for example, creating a virtual machine or deleting a logic app.

  • Diagnostics Logs—Diagnostics Logs are resource-level logs that provide insight into operations that were performed within a resource itself, for example, getting a secret from a Key Vault.

  • Metrics—Metrics provide performance statistics for different resources and the operating system in a virtual machine.

Sumo Logic’s serverless solution integrates with Azure Monitor, enabling users to monitor a comprehensive set of Azure Services. For information about metrics available from Azure Monitor and resource type-specific information about Azure Diagnostic logs, see the following topics in Azure help: