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Experience a Unified Media Platform.

The Wavenet Spark Suite is a complete media solution platform offering advanced IVR and voice services. Spark enables communication service providers (CSP) and mobile operators to offer clients a superior experience when delivering IVR, RBT, Continuation services and Call Back Manager services.

Wavenet’s Spark suite offers CSPs a consolidated media solutions delivery platform and comprises four solution streams – IVR, ringback tone, continuity service which compromises of zero balance, miss call generator, call collect, give me Balance and call back manager which compromises of voicemail services and missed call alert service.

Product Elements

  • Easily accessible GUI feature for managing and deploying the entire Spark suite

  • Interoperability with other third-party systems

  • High scalability due to its feature flexibilities

  • API-driven architecture to cater to higher connectivity needs

  • Containerized architecture solution

Spark Modules

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - Helps to attend and re-direct callers to the most suitable menu
  • Ring-Back Tone (RBT) - Plays a tone for the caller to listen until the receiver answers the call
  • Missed Call Alerts (MCA) - Initiates a notification when the receiver is unreachable by call
  • Missed Call Generator (MCG) - Initiates a notification to call back when caller balance is insufficient
  • Voice Mail Service (VMS) - Accommodates caller to leave a message into voicemailbox when the receiver is unreachable by call
  • Give Me Balance (GMB) - Allows mobile subscribers with insufficient balance to request a loan or funds from the receiver to initiate a call
  • Zero Balance (ZB) - Allows mobile subscribers with insufficient balance to request a loan from the operator to stay connected

Deployment in Kubernetes (K8s) - Kubernetes for Spark enables faster and efficient VAS orchestration whilst automating deployments through the CI/CD pipeline. This capability is currently available for Voice Mail Service (VMS) and Miss Call Alert (MCA). Spark roadmap is also planned to ensure Kubernetes compatibility is offered across all of our Spark Suite Modules such as Ring Back Tone (RBT), Miss Call Generator (MCG) and Zero Balance (ZB).