Watch over certifications, forms, compliance and other company documentation.

DocHawk is a super-simple way to track all of your certifications for your team.  After your 30 day trial, DocHawk requires a monthly subscription starting at $9.99 USD. DocHawk runs completely within the Microsoft Teams environment, making it readily accessible at all times but out of the way most of the time.

Prominent notifications of expired and expiring certificates:

- Very simple and easy set-up
- Flexible enough to work in any sector or industry
- Customizable alert thresholds

The DocHawk Dashboard is a convenient control panel clearly illustrating the critical information you need to know about front and center so you never miss a thing.

- Prominent notifications of expired and expiring certificates
- Send email reminders

Track employees and other resources. Keep all your information in one place such as

- Employee certifications (ex. CPR, Continuing Education, etc.)
- Equipment inspections
- Licenses (ex. Driver’s License)
- Building maintenance documentations (ex. Inspections)
- Software license renewals and more!

Define certifications and expiration intervals:

From the DockHawk Certification page, you manage expiration intervals, resulting in alerts for expired and expiring employee/certification combinations.

Associate people and resources with certifications and other tracked items:

DockHawk enables you to quickly and easily associate your employees to the certifications which apply to them. Equipped with an easy to navigate setup wizard, organizations can be configured and using the DocHawk application with Microsoft Teams realistically in less than hour.

DocHawk also includes the ability to directly send email reminders to employees detailing upcoming or expired certifications.

DocHawk is a software solution created by Information Age Technologies, Inc. Information Age Technologies, Inc. has been creating innovative software solutions for the past 15 years with extensive expertise with systems integration and user-friendly designs.

Note: To use this application a tenant administrator needs to accept the consent on behalf of all the
tenant users.