AVReporter Azure

KONsys Ltd.

AVReporter Azure

KONsys Ltd.

AVReporter integrates powerful qualities for large global and multi-site Energy Management Systems.

AVReporter Energy Management Systems are designed for the production industry specifically.

Looking to reduce cost and save energy?

AVR is the perfect solution when end-users have to face:

  • too much data with no time to study- AVR’s powerful reports will visualise even Big Data in a transparent way
  • messy spreadsheets- AVR’s clean analytics to support decision-making, when considering infrastructural investment, energy strategy or even changes in running their business effectively
  • wasting too much money whilst machinery is going faulty- AVR’s sophisticated alarm system will alert when something starts going wrong, so you can act immediately
  • difficult installation and not a user-friendly surface- AVR is a really simple-to-use solution, no installation required
  • working with a rigid box solution with no option to set individual reports- AVR includes all the major requirements worded by clients from production factories and building complexes (mostly the fields of automotive, pharmaceutical, food & beverages, mining industries, also grocery chains, office buildings, apartment buildings, shopping malls, logistic centres etc.)

Case studies

AVReporter Azure Energy Management Software main features:

Reporting and Dashboard functions:

  • Simple dashboard creating by gadgets
  • Complex dashboard creating functions (interactive user interface)

Visualization of Real-time data and control functions:

  • Visualization of Real-time data
  • Control function

Alarm functions:

  • Simple alarm handling functions (e-mail, alarm table)
  • Improved alarm system

Defined database management and access permission

Flexible accessibility / mobility

Several supported Languages and Localization

To find out about details and connectivity to data sources, contact us