VisionAI Platform - Enterprise Plan

Linker Vision

VisionAI Platform - Enterprise Plan

Linker Vision

Empower AI with Data-Centric Insights, Accelerated Model Development and Seamless Edge Integration

VisionAI stands out as a comprehensive platform in the realm of visual intelligence, offering an integrated solution that covers the entire spectrum of AI model development. From initial data collection and curation to precise labeling and sophisticated model training, every aspect is seamlessly handled. Crucially, VisionAI simplifies the complex process of model conversion for edge compatibility, adeptly adapting models for a variety of AI chips to ensure optimal performance on edge devices. This unique combination of capabilities positions VisionAI as an indispensable tool for businesses navigating the intricate and evolving landscape of visual AI technologies.

Data-Centric Approach

Emphasizes the use of high-quality, diverse datasets for more accurate and robust AI model training, prioritizing data quality for enhanced performance.

Continuous Learning

Enables AI models to adapt and improve over time by constantly updating with new data, ensuring relevance and accuracy in dynamic environments.

Software/Hardware Integration

Through tight collaboration with leading AI chip partners, our platform achieves seamless integration of advanced hardware, optimizing software performance for diverse operational needs and enhancing overall efficiency.

As a versatile and powerful platform, VisionAI empowers a broad spectrum of industries to develop their own cutting-edge AI solutions. While our expertise extends to complex areas like self-driving technology and smart city initiatives, the core strength of VisionAI lies in enabling clients to effectively tackle these challenging domains. From managing intricate traffic systems in urban environments to enhancing safety in various workplaces, our platform provides the tools and framework necessary for businesses to innovate and excel. VisionAI is not just a solution provider but a catalyst for transformation, offering a foundation upon which diverse, domain-specific AI applications can be built and advanced.

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