Logicalis Asia Virtual Desktop Managed Services


Logicalis Asia Virtual Desktop Managed Services


Logicalis Virtual Desktop Managed Service powered by Logicalis Monitoring Platform

Logicalis Virtual Desktop Managed Services

Logicalis Managed Virtual Desktop service provides ongoing maintenance and management of customers desktop and app virtualization service that runs on the cloud. Using a combination of toolsets included in our service, Logicalis will ensure all critical services are operating at optimum capacity, accessed securely, patched, and available with no service interruptions.

Virtual Desktop includes Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Citrix on Azure and Citrix Azure Apps and Desktops Service

Service Deliverables

Service Desk Support Services

  • Remote support of services under management
  • Delivery of Incident management across supported technologies
  • Fulfilment of approved request catalogue items
  • Identify solutions to minimize service desk tickets
  • Ongoing maintenance of knowledge base articles

Image Management

  • Update and deployment of operating environment in pilot and production rings
  • Offline servicing of image with monthly patches to keep image current
  • Ongoing support of operating environment escalated from Level 1 Service desk

Management of Virtual delivery platform

  • Administer policy and configure changes using agreed Change management processes.
Monitoring and administration of certificates and work with customer to procure certificates
  • Provisioning and Publication of pre-installed applications in the virtual delivery farm

Cost and Performance Optimisation

  • Providing ongoing visibility and actionable insights
  • Review and analyze cloud usage analytics and spend to help investigate trends and recommend strategies to implement to help reduce and minimize cloud usage as it relates to the mobility solution.
  • Undertake forecast planning and interpret and communicate results to the customer
  • Management of the cloud billing, including assisting the customer in understanding the billing and usage and recommending and implementing strategies to reduce and minimize cloud spend

Security Management

  • Delivery of patches – in-band (monthly) and out-of-band including Zero day, in line with Change management processes.
  • Delivery of firmware updates across managed components. Major version firmware releases are excluded.
  • Review and assess security recommendations and complete remediation to improve overall security
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Draw preventative maintenance plans via outputs from PIR, Service Improvement Plans and Monitoring events.
  • Execute “maintenance plan” for all categories of maintenance services
  • Ongoing assessment of user experience analytics (Citrix DaaS only) to improve productivity and satisfaction in your organization.
  • Maintain up to 5 open recommendations for optimizing environment
  • Proactively Implement remediation items (where additional licenses or service enablement is required, this is conducted as a project)
  • Start-up and shut-down the systems configuration, management & monitoring system according to defined schedules or upon approved Change Management request
  • Provide proactive recommendations prior to license or certificate expiry (including an assessment of implications); and / or license breaches (e.g., excess users).
  • Contribute to Availability Management, Capacity Management and Cost Optimisation processes (where applicable)

Key Benefits:

  • 24 hours service desk
  • Deliver the multi-session experience
  • Enable optimization for Microsoft Office 365
  • Migrate Windows Server (RDS) desktop and application
  • Deploy and scale in minutes
  • Reduce costs

Use cases:

  • Security and regulation - Financial Services, Healthcare and Government
  • Elastic workforce - Merger & Acquisition, Short-term employees, Contractors and Partners
  • Remote employees - BYOD, Mobile, Call centers, Branch workers
  • Specialized workloads - Design and engineering, Legacy application, Software development test