Logicalis Asia Production Ready Cloud Managed Services


Logicalis Asia Production Ready Cloud Managed Services


Logicalis Production Ready Cloud managed service powered by Azure Lighthouse and Logicalis CMP

Logicalis Production Ready Cloud Managed Services

Logicalis Production Ready Cloud
helps you transform your business with a scalable and secure cloud platform delivered in a fast, cost effective and controlled way. Our proven approach delivers value at speed, with low risk, so you know you’ll get it right – the first time – in record time.
Security best-practices are architected into the platform to provide the guardrails and compliance that all organisations need when it comes to the public cloud, and its built-in backup and disaster recovery (DR) policies and automated workflow for cloud governance to minimise cloud sprawl are all present within this proven platform.

Logicalis’ Monitored & Managed Services provides full-service monitoring and management of customer’s configuration items. Managed Services includes:
  1. Monitoring and Event Management - proactive monitoring for the identification of events and alerts. Logicalis monitors and identifies events or thresholds that have been exceeded Logicalis configured parameters
  2. Request Fulfilment - provides the ability for customers to request additions, removals, or changes to existing services and technologies managed by Logicalis.
  3. Incident Management - restore service operation as quickly as possible and maintain the best possible levels of service quality and availability for the customer’s business operations
  4. Problem Management - identifies root causes of relevant Incidents as well as recommended resolutions to the root causes.
  5. Change Management - ensuring that standardized methods and procedures are used for the efficient handling of changes, with minimum disruption to IT Services.
  6. Crisis Management - extension of the Incident Management Process that facilitates a special handling for Incidents that Logicalis determines to warrant immediate and focused attention by appropriate parties.
For customers that have decided to transition some or all of your workloads to Microsoft Azure but has limited Azure experience in-house but you want to move quickly, the Logicalis Production Ready Cloud is your smartest, quickest route to securely transitioning workloads to Azure. Designed by Logicalis Cloud and Azure Specialists, our Production Ready Cloud Platform is a pre-configured environment that sits within Microsoft Azure. It addresses all of the configuration, risk and security issues that you need to consider before migrating workloads to the cloud. For ongoing management, it provides a secure landing zone into which the IT team can deploy future workloads to Azure in a quick, secure and compliant manner

Key Benefits:

Design Framework

  • Guard rails for all future Azure deployments and
  • Ensure scalability, security, cost control and high availability
  • Repeatable for second instances

Security and Compliance

  • Protect administrative access
  • Implement standards and compliance policies for all future deployments across departments
  • Report non-compliance in real time and
  • Enforce policies such as Password Complexity


  • Enshrine company policies, procedures and controls
  • Simplify Portal Administration
  • Consistent backup and recovery
  • Automated security management
  • Accelerated patch management process

Ongoing Maintenance

  • Leverage Azure DevOps capabilities
  • Simplify Portal Administration
  • Leverage Azure automation engine
  • Consistent backup and recovery
  • Automated security management

Disaster Recovery Validation

  • Built in disaster recovery
  • Automatically and seamlessly switch between availability zones
  • Applications remain available
  • Peace of mind knowing business- critical applications are available if disaster strikes

We help you get things right the first time, so you can realize value in a short timeframe, and then support you along the journey to ensure continuous improvement. We provide the complete journey from Align (Cloud Assessment), Transform (Cloud Migration) and Scale (Cloud Managed Services powered by Azure Lighthouse and Logicalis Cloud Management Platform)