Effector low-code platform for workflow digitalisation

Offer description

The process of the usual application development requires lots of money and compromises from customer's side, and even more time and resources from developer's side. Our goal is to reduce all these.

With the technology based on Effector engine and with our unique delopment methodology, customized business applications can be made faster, cheaper and easier than ever. All these with keeping the same functionality as in case of custom development but spending half the time on it and with 50 % lower investment on it.

Effector has a robust BPMN 2.0 compliant workflow engine with visual workflow designer making the platform suitable for backoffice workflow digitalization projects.

The Effector platform has rich feature set and it is continuously improving base platform which has already proven itself in several business circumstances:

  • it can be easily integrated with any information system
  • it cooperates with the large databases, the custom applications and the largest ERP systems like the SAP, Microsoft Navision and Oracle Financials
  • it ensures a mobile access of the business applications
  • it is independent of operating systems and manufacturers
  • it makes the application consolidation possible
  • it is scalable, so it can adapt to the needs of companies of different sizes
  • it has an attractive user interface
  • it is flexible and mobile, thanks to the most modern web2 technologies
  • it has an event- and workflow-based approach
  • it is a tried and tested and working platform

Effector provides built-in modules and templates that can be freely modified or developed. The final application schemas are made of these, which provide a solution for typical business scenarios, like for example Workflow Management, HR, CRM, Customer Service, Production Tracking, Project Management or Application Management. When you face a business problem, you can pick up one from the ready application schemas which can still be customized according to the customer's needs. This way, you can serve your customers at competitive prices and with less investment in resources and time.

Business app templates

The business application prototypes are ready business applications that are made of a combination of the basic schemas found in Effector, that are then customizable and can be easily integrated.

Due to the open source code and the XML programming possibility, our partners and clients can easily customize or even develop prototypes on their own way. This is true for any industries, from the bank sector, through the production sector, to the governmental expert systems.

App blocks

The basic function templates are a large number of dynamically expanding, product based components that cover even the most varied business functionality.