Peltarion - AI and Deep Learning Platform

Peltarion AB

Peltarion - AI and Deep Learning Platform

Peltarion AB

Deep Learning platform for building commercial AI-powered products and services — Fast and easy.

A low-code, collaborative, graphical cloud platform designed for anyone wanting to add intelligence to their products, without having to hire a dedicated in-house AI team.

Our platform is as easy to use as possible - all in order to make AI and deep learning available to people from a wide range of professions and backgrounds. We have operationalized AI at a variety of organizations across different industries, such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing and agriculture.

One of the fastest AI infrastructures you will find

  • Build commercially viable AI-powered solutions — At speed and at scale. 
  • Run as many projects as you want in parallel. 
  • Deploy your AI-models into real-life products and services with one click. 

The deep learning features you need

  • Cutting-edge models useable with a few clicks.
  • Compare, evaluate, and tweak your models until you're happy. 
  • Use different data types (e.g. tabular, images, text) — Alone or in combination.

The Peltarion Platform allows you to:

Unlock the potential of AI in your organization 

  • Put the AI in the hands of your whole company.
  • Collaborate across the organization.

Leverage the connection to Azure

  • Upload and work with your data directly from Azure.
  • Build your model and utilize the cloud processing power of Azure.

Click on ‘Get It Now’ and build your first deep learning model within 10 minutes.