3D Body Scan - Provider Subscription

Qinematic AB

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3D Body Scan - Provider Subscription

Qinematic AB

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Subscription for professionals that deliver the 3D digital twin movement assessment

3D Movement, Balance and Posture Assessment from a Digital Twin

People are only as strong as their weakest link!

A fast, easy and accurate onsite assessment of human movement, balance and posture in just 6 minutes. One in two people have musculoskeletal problems and one in three elderly falls each year. A proactive approach to improving the way we move is essential. The service helps Health and Fitness Providers to detect and prevent small problems before they become big ones. The 3D digital twin is be used to compare before and after results from interventions such as:

  • exercise prescription
  • behavior and lifestyle change
  • ergonomics

Who buys the license?

Health and Fitness Service Provider Companies that want to:

  • offer a unique fitness testing and health promotion experience to their clients
  • offer advice and send corrective exercise videos to individuals and groups, to minimise the likelihood of musculoskeletal problems that cause injury and negatively affect performance
  • use accurate, reliable and unbiased information for decision-making and exercise prescription that improves movement patterns, balance and posture
  • effortlessly document and measure critical physical capabilities mentioned previously

Enlightened Organisations that wish to proactively identify, prevent, and manage movement-related problems. This can be employers, clubs and or companies that sponsor health and fitness activities at workplaces, clubs, universities, NGO's or charities like insurer, pharma, government and research-bodies. It is possible to offer advice to individuals or groups, directly or via third-party Consultant Specialists (click here to see Specialist Subscription - Advisor role only).

How does it work?

The Provider uses an affordable 3D sensor to record a 3D video or 'digital twin' of a performance, to visualise and make recommendations for improvement using the Moovment software. The 3D Moovment Scan is self-service, so no personnel required to scan. The 3D body scan takes just 6-minutes and requires only 2.5m wide x 4m long floorspace. Advice can be given immediately or asynchronously. It can be delivered onsite or remotely via a trusted teleconference service like Microsoft Teams.

The Moovment SaaS also enables individuals to track movement patterns, balance and posture using their mobile phone. The mobile scan is very convenient for large scale projects. Moovment's augmented intelligence assists health and fitness professionals provide education, advice and corrective exercises using objective data. It helps people find and fix small problems fast before they become big problems. Specialists can do more work in less time, with less effort and much more accuracy - including access to a 3D video player, automated reporting, online surveys, goal setting, exercise library, and secure chat.

What's included in the license?

  • Moovment Scan and Moovment Lab software to record, analyse and visualise a digital twin
  • Volume packages of 3D scans
  • Pre-determined number of active Specialist seats
  • Unlimited access to the Moovment.Pro Portal and Moovment Lab by registered Specialists
  • Consent and Connect permissions via the secure Moovment.Pro Portal
  • Full suite of visualisation, reports, surveys, goal setting and chat
  • Unlimited views of available scans (with permission)

What are the next steps?

  1. Register your Organisation details here to begin.
  2. See our Specialist FAQ page to get more information about what hardware is required and where to buy it.